Monday, April 19, 2010

Tune In, Turn On, Be Broke!

If your soaps aren't doing it for you tomorrow, I hope you'll tune into "Live at Eleven" on FOX 2, WJBK, Detroit. I will be on this program to talk about Broke is Beautiful.

Wednesday evening I will be at Book Beat in Oak Park, MI from 7-8 PM. They are promising "this will be an entertaining and fun event for all ages, and especially anyone facing the realities of a financial downturn." So I'm hard at work right now, honing my fun skills.

If you can't make it to Book Beat on the day, for example, if you live in Alaska; and you would like your copy of Broke is Beautiful autographed, please order by clicking on the image of the book cover on the right.

This is the link to order directly from me, and I'll scribble my name in it before I send it out to you. You'll even get my finger prints and perhaps some trace DNA, allowing you to frame me for a crime or perhaps clone your own broke author. (I watch a lot of CSI)

Author Alain de Botton wrote, "Writing a book has about it some of the anxiety of telling a joke and having to wait several years to know whether or not it was funny." How true.

If you've had a chance to read the book, I'd be grateful for feedback and if you have a chance to post an online review on a review site or your own blog it would be a great help in letting people judge the book by something other than its cover.