Sunday, April 11, 2010

Broke and Beautiful Person of the Day

Marisa (I assume that is her name from the comments on her "about me" blurb) is a life expermiment blogger a la Julie and Julia. Her stunt? Wear a brand new dress each day spending only $1 each day ($365 a year) in thrift shops.

Her blog New Dress A Day shows what can be done with a small budget and a big imagination combined with serious sewing skills. Many of those stained or hopelessly out of fashion duds were most likely destined for the skip. If more of us were able to literally re-fashion our clothes like this, we'd need to pound out much less stuff and we'd have less waste. We'd also look much more individual and unique. That's the Broke is Beautiful spirit at work.

If you like Project Runway, you'll become a fan of New Dress A Day. She shows you the before and after photos of the clothes as well as some notes on the conversion process.