Monday, April 26, 2010

Broke is Beautiful: Upcoming Media

I have been doing a fair number of interviews discussing the general concept of being contentedly skint. Here are some of the places you'll be able to hear/read interviews in the near future.

Tomorrow (Tuesday, April 27) I will be on the David Magee Show at 12:40 PM eastern time. Streaming is available via the link.

Wednesday, April 28th I will be recording an interview with Michael Ray Dresser for the "Dresser After Dark" radio show. The program is streamed over the Internet and should be online the following day or there abouts.

An interview I did with the Candy's Candor Show is still available on line. I come in at about the 14 minute mark.

I did an interview last week with Woman's Day Radio. It will be available on line in another week to two weeks.

I have also spoken to reporters for The Detroit Free Press, Real Detroit Weekly, and Revue Magazine (Grand Rapids). As soon as any of these appear on line, I will let you know.