Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Giving When You're Down: Broke and Beautiful Person of the Day

Being laid off can be a big blow to a person's feeling of self-worth. As much as you may know logically that you were "let go" because of market forces beyond your control, the sense that you were not valued enough to be kept on is, emotionally, hard to shake.

The Washington Post on Friday told the story of Reed Sandridge, an unemployed Washington D.C. man who found a solution to his out-of-work blues: random acts of kindness towards others.

Sandridge has been giving $10 a day away to a stranger and blogging about the people he meets.

His mom, the daughter of a coal miner whom he remembers most for her kindness, always told him that when you're going through tough times, that's when you most need to give back.

So not long after he was laid off, on the third anniversary of his mom's death, he started his "year of giving,"...

the year of giving is not about the money. Sandridge is trying to spread an idea. Doing nice things all the time is addictive, he said.

Besides, he added, "being unemployed, I was starting to go nuts."

You can read the entire article at the Washington Post or follow Sandridge's blog yourself. It has been added to the blog roll.