Monday, November 2, 2009

The Stranger Exchange

On the web site Latitude, Life Connected, I learned about The Stranger Exchange, described as a cross between Freecycle and Post Secret.

This former newspaper box has been painted with instructions. If you have something you don't want, put it in the box. If you look in and find something you would like, take it. It is a way to dispose of your extra stuff, or find a treasure with a little bit of extra intrigue.

These are a few of the suggestions for items to leave, as posted on the box’s front window.

Books, movies, old pictures, new pictures, report cards, post cards, love letters, rumors, business cards, questions, answers, origami, keys to nowhere, coupons, dirty looks, self-portraits, surprises, etc.

What will be in the box? What kind of life story can you imagine for the person who left the item there?