Monday, September 5, 2011

New Form of Ego Surfing for Authors

For my birthday, I got a Kindle ereader. (I have mixed feelings about it. Being able to take a full library on tour with me is a plus. The marketing focus, long term questions of book ownership--could my whole library become technologically obsolete or require an expensive upgrade or repurchase to be read again?-- and the fact that you can push a wrong key and suddenly be in the wrong part of your book are minuses.)

One of its features allows you to see the popular highlights in a book you are reading. I find this distracting, and turned it off. Someone pointed out to me, however, that an author could look up her own books and see what readers had highlighted. Amazon has a web page where you can look up books available for its device and see the highlights in it. A new form of ego surfing for authors!

Only one of my books, Broke is Beautiful, is new enough to have picked up any popular highlights. If the three dudes who highlighted it are taken to be representative, here is the best line in my book:

"When we are chasing after financial goals, we usually think we are seeking self-improvement. Yet we’re actually more motivated by a fear of loss than the dream of gain."

Kind of fun, but to be honest, after writing more than a dozen books, I was hoping the public might have highlighted a few more lines.