Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Soul-Less Use

I was taken with Leo Babauta's column on Zen Habits today.  It is exactly how I feel about the constant mantra of marketing in our culture and in our social media in particular.  Incidentally, I had to click through a message asking if I wanted to monetize my blog with ads before I could post this.
Converting visitors into buyers is a soul-less use of your creative energy. Reject it, out of hand....

Imagine owning a muffin shop. If the muffins are commonplace, you’ll have to advertise and do some “guerilla marketing” to get customers. But if your muffins make people roll their eyes in ecstasy, they will tell the world of your deliciousness, and the world will pound on your muffin-scented door.
Become quiet, find contentedness, become valuable. These trump marketing every time, and as you learn to listen to your inner music, you can now ignore the marketers hawking their oils of snakedness.