Friday, August 26, 2011

Deserving of Careful Study

"The connection between deteriorating economic and social conditions and high corporate profitability deserves careful study as does the question of whether this is a stable relationship. Regardless, these charts provide important insight into our national policy-making nexus. As long as our large corporations are prospering we should not expect our political process to produce meaningful change. The problem isnt a lack of good ideas for how to strengthen our economy and generate jobs, it is the lack of interest on the part of our elected leaders — on both sides of the aisle – to seriously consider them. It appears that meaningful economic change will have to await either a further unraveling of our economic and social infrastructure or the rise of a powerful social movement with a new economic vision."-The conclusion of Martin Hart-Landsberg writing in Sociological Images after examining an International Monetary Fund report on the U.S. economy.