Sunday, November 28, 2010

Your Recession Christmas Basket

Feeling the pinch this holiday season?  Here is a gift suggestion for or from the cash-strapped consumer who still has his sense of humor intact:  The Broke is Beautiful gift basket.

This easy to assemble kit has everything for the person who has nothing!  First: get a basket from Freecycle.  Decorate with a ribbon from one of last year's gifts. And fill with:

1. Autographed copy of Broke is Beautiful by Laura Lee.  The book that celebrates the resourcefulness and creativity that the cash-strapped develop in spades.  A welcome mat for the wealthless that reminds each reader that there are still lots of reasons to celebrate life and to feel like a proud, useful being no matter what your income level. 

2. Ramen noodles 20c per pack

3. Generic brand boxed macaroni and cheese 79c per box

4. Optional extra: for those of legal drinking age:  A king can of budget friendly beer.  (I got the one in the picture for $1.58)

The whole thing is just $16.58.  ($19.58 if you have the book shipped and need to add postage.)