Monday, November 8, 2010

Newsflash: People Like Sex Better for Love than for Money

The blog Live Science is reporting on a study that finds that how satisfied people are with sex depends a lot on why they had sex.  (How much of a grant do you suppose they got for this study?)

The research, reported online Oct. 22 in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, finds that both men and women are more satisfied when having sex out of love and commitment, while mercenary types don't have much fun in bed — having sex to get material goods or to get ahead was associated with a less satisfying experience.
Here's another interesting tid bit for the Myth Buster types: The love/commitment connection seems to be stronger for men than women.

The researchers asked 544 college-aged men and women, most of them heterosexual, to take surveys on their sexual motivations and satisfaction. Men who had sex to raise their self-esteem were less satisfied, as were men who had sex to get goods, favors or other resources. Women had a broader range of associations, the researchers found. The connection between love/commitment and satisfaction was less strong for women than for men, though it was still present.
 You want more on love and money?  Here are a few things I learned while researching Broke is Beautiful:

Dartmouth College economist David Blachflower and University of Warwick (England) professor Andrew Oswald found that sex made people happier than money.  After evaluating the levels of sexual activity and happiness in sixteen thousand people, they found that sex so positively influenced happiness that they estimated increasing intercourse from once a month to once a week is equivalent to the happiness generated by getting a $50,000 raise.  And in case you were wondering, people who make more money do not have more sex.  Nor, as is sometimes assumed, do the poor have more sex.  There was no difference in the study between sexual frequency and income levels.