Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nervous Breakdowns at the Bank and their Benefits

You ever had one of those moments when you felt like it was all you could do to keep from strangling the bureaucratic clerk saying, "I can't remove the overdraft fee, it says so on my screen"?

Don't feel so bad. According to Mental Floss, the actress Charlize Theron owes her career to just such an unseemly outburst:

Charlize was trying to cash a check from her mother, who was in South Africa, but the L.A. bank refused to honor the international check. Charlize pitched a fit of epic proportions, really letting the bank teller have it. As luck would have it, an agent was in line behind her and was impressed by her passionate “performance.” Although she later fired him because he kept sending her scripts for films like Showgirls, it was the break she needed.

From the article How 10 Celebrities Were Discovered.