Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Best Opening to A Review/Interview Ever!

This is how Brokelyn opened its article interviewing me about Broke is Beautiful:

"Author Laura Lee may have well written the Brokelyn manifesto, the recession-victims’ King James Bible and the brokester I Ching all wrapped into one. Her new book, Broke is Beautiful, is a vast, thoughtful and intensely researched tome on the value of living the cash-strapped life."

You've got to like that!

Brokelyn is an on-line publication that focuses on cheap stuff to do, and living a creative broke life in Brooklyn. Some recommended articles include Artists, Barter for Medical Care and How to Sell Your Hair Online.

You can read the feature on Broke is Beautiful to hear me reflect on free coffee vs. Starbucks, how paper towels are like throwing money directly in the wastebasket and the irony of "broke chic."

Incidentally, in that last section, I'm quoted as talking about "skinny waist" models. I actually said "skinny waif" models, but it occurs to me that it is pretty much the same.

In the book, I had a sentence that began, "People may say many things about Paris Hilton..." The copy editor put "People" in italics as the magazine title. I had actually been thinking of people in the human beings sense, but I enjoyed that it could be read both ways, and decided I liked it in italics. (It's on page 113 if you're following along)