Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fight For your Right to Dr-y-y

Remember the humble wooden clothes pin? They were invented by Shakers. The clothes pin is becoming an endangered species writes The New Scientist. National Clothespin of Montpelier, Vermont, the last U.S. manufacturer of wooden clothespins ceased its manufacturing operations and now imports clips from China to make novelty refrigerator magnets.

Most Americans would rather watch their wet clothes tumble around in a dryer. Even if they wanted to dry their undies the old fashioned way, many home owners associations forbid it.

Why? "Clothes lines evoke a negative emotional reaction from many Americans, who view them as flags of poverty. Property owners often fear that a clothes line in their neighbourhood will lower the value of their house."

Project Laundry List, a pro-line drying organization, estimates that most of us could save about 10 per cent on energy costs if we did our laundry the green way - cold water, line dry, no bleaching or ironing.

Photo by Michael Jastremski