Friday, October 9, 2009

Creativity and Constraints

Much of the time when we use the word "creativity" we're actually talking about "imagination" or "originality." The difference between these terms can be found right in the word. To be "creative" you have to create. Imagination is only a first step.

To let your imagination roam free, you need to let go of your pre-conceptions, limiting beliefs and constraints. But for creativity you need to welcome useful constraints back in. The right kind of constraint can provide the framework for innovative creation. This is good news for the broke among us. Limited resources are a great constraint that can force you to be more innovative with what you've got.

Today, over at Boing Boing, is a review of the book Junky Styling: A manual for thrift-shop clothes remixers. It is written by the proprietors of London's Junky Styling, a clothing boutique that takes thrift-store finds and re-imagines and re-constructs them into one-of-a-kind fashion statements. It just goes to show that buying second hand doesn't mean you have to abandon fashion or resign yourself to being out of date. With a little creativity-- and a sewing machine-- your budgetary constraint can be the springboard to an entirely original you.

Follow the link above to read more about the store's proprietors on Boing Boing or visit the Junky Styling web page.