Friday, March 23, 2012

Broke is Beautiful Comes to China!

Yes, this is the cover of the Chinese edition of Broke is Beautiful which has recently been released.  I just finished doing an interview for a Chinese magazine.  I believe it will be posted on line and I can include a link when it is up, but I won't know what I said!

I might do a Babel Fish translation back into English and put the results here.  They will no doubt be funnier than most of the book!

I wish that I were able to read Chinese because I am extremely curious as to how the book reads as it is translated and edited for that audience.  The book seems so specific to American/European culture. 

As a preview, here was the first question on the interview I did:

Have you ever hear about vipassanaVipassana is a method for purifying the mind by no reading and writing. It’s an Indian meditation. In this kind of silencesome people collapse and other people see themselves clearly. The ten days of vipassana and the period when you broke are very similar. Do you feel painful but joyful?