Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanks a Latte

I subscribe to an e-mail feed with questions from reporters and there is one question that seems to come up a lot. A variant came trough this morning:


What are some easy, actionable (and accessible) ways that people
can cut back on spending? What are some small steps I can take
(i.e. not ordering a drink with dinner/latte in the morning)
that add up to large savings over time?

What I want to know is who are these people who are ordering lattes every day and scratching their heads about where they can save a couple of bucks? Why is it that reporters are always suggesting cutting out your daily latte as if they are actually telling cash-strapped people something valuable?

Are there any other broke people out there who are a bit sick of the whole "you can get out of your troubles by giving up your latte" line?