Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Girl Named Elvis

The UPI reports that a Swedish couple was not permitted to give their daughter the first name of their choice-- Elvis.

They felt the name was "pretty and gender neutral." But the Swedish National Tax Board disagreed.

I don't know how popular a name Elvis is in Sweden. Apparently not particularly so for girls at any rate.

It's not all that common here either. As I noted in my book The Elvis Impersonation Kit:

In 1935, the year Elvis Presley was born, "Elvis" was the 798th most popular name for boys in the country. (About .006% of the male population were Elvises.) It was only slightly more popular than Chuck (as its own name, not short for Charles) and Errol but less popular than Elwyn, Denzil, Edsel and Aloysius.

In 1977, the year of Elvis's death, the name had moved up to #598 in popularity (Between Buddy and Torrey). About .011% of the male children born in 1977 were Elvises. In 2004, it was the 694th most popular baby boy's name.