Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This Day in Schadenfreude History

July 2 1982- In case you needed any convincing, here are some reasons not to travel by lawn chair. Once you strap the 42 helium balloons to your lawn chair you might find that you travel to high, too fast. When you get into the upper atmosphere, you might find it hard to breathe, and a bit chilly for a lawn chair. And when you try to shoot some of the balloons down with your pellet gun, you might drop it, and only manage to take out a few of the balloons. You might then find yourself drifting into some power lines and blacking out over a Long Beach Neighborhood before crashing onto someone's driveway. And then the FAA might give you a fine of $1,500. At least that is what happened to Larry Walters when he tried it.

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